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Intervju: Grubby

Starcraft II

I en genomgående intervju som fått ta del av, får vi veta en hel del om just Grubby. Warcraft 3 legenden går igenom allt från vem han är till vad han vill åstadkomma inom SC2 samt de viktigaste ögonblicken i hans liv. Ett litet urdrag från intervjun:

"Greetings, Grubby. While you're a living legend to anyone who even passively followed the Warcraft III scene, the Starcraft II fan base has a large number of new and younger members. For those who've yet to have the chance to get to know you, can you give us a brief introduction of who you are and how you got to where you are today?

Greetings. I’m just your regular guy who happens to love video games and performing for an audience. I used to play the piano but it became dull and it wasn’t very interactive with the audience. Imagine my surprise when I realized eSports “exists.” From carefully going to a LAN here and there, living from tournament to tournament quickly grew out of proportions. A careful negotiation with my parents led to the possibility to take a year off after finishing my high school. Back then, that was a relatively rare and sometimes poorly understood move. I didn’t see it as very different from kids who went to Australia for 6 months to do some soul searching partying.

After winning two world championships (WCG & ESWC) in my first year off, I couldn’t find any reasons to discontinue my fledgling career. I’ve rarely looked back, and have no regrets. I’m very happy with where I got to."

Hela intervjun kan ni hitta här.


- Erdem Yildiz(uNBAAL)
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